BRAND NEW Scarf Yarn

As some of you may know by now we have started to sell a small range of Knitting Yarns. Due to popular requests I now have a small stock of Wendy Scarf Yarn. This is a lovely yarn and it only took just under 2hrs to make a scarf. Great even if you are an absoloute beginner who has never knitted a stitch before. My daughter has never knitted before and she had made a shorter version in about 90mins. She was that chuffed she is making another one in the black and white yard.

You can make 2 scarves out of the 150gm hank if you knit them on 5 stitches  and dont make them too long. The girl in the picture is wearing one made making it wider and stitching it into a snood design.

 I dont have knitting needles in stock yet, but I am building up my stock a little at a time.


This is the colour for the scarf that is on display in the shop.



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