New Shop Pictures

Well at last we are starting to feel a little more at home in our new surroundings, and we have had so many kind comments from everyone on what a big improvement the shop is on the last one, So much room to move now and plenty of space to add new products. It is great being able to hold classes and clubs at the back of the shop now so they are not in anybodies way who is looking around the shop.  Still not sure if this is the final layout of the shop yet but as everyone knows i like to move things around from time to time anyway.

There is a one hour parking bay at the front of the shop and the next layby along is the same (the old shop was only half an hour).

Thank you to everyone who sent me good luck cards, they are very much appreciated and are all wonderfull.

 Gosh, look at those bare walls, we are going to have to fill those with cards in the very near future!

   Door through to the other half of the shop, please walk through but mind the step! There is also a ‘man chair’ for your husband to take the weight off his feet while he is waiting for you, and toys for the kids to play with to keep them occupied ( your husband  can play with them too!)

 We have this fantastic display counter in the centre of the shop now. This is where Lindsay Mason will be demonstrating when she visits us on Saturday 25th June.


  This is our workshop room now, room for more people and more room for you to work.

Looking forward to seeing you soon

Kind Regards



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