Wedding Waterfall Card Project

Materials Used

A5 white card blank (we used A4 white 300gsm card)

PSX Wedding Stickers

Musical paper

Gold Peel off Corners and Borders

Spare white card

Martha Stewart Vintage Lace corner punch

Hole punch

2x Brads

Gold Mirror Card


1. Cut musical paper slightly smaller than card front and stick on with Ds tape.

2. Edge with peel off borders and add peel off corners.

3. To make make waterfall panel, cut a strip of white card 27cm x 5cm and score from one end at 5cm, 6.5cm, 8cm, 9.5cm, 11cm, and 12.5cm. Fold strip in half at 12.5cm score line so that the shorter        section is at the front and longer panel at the back. Bend all the score lines inwards so that they will move freely. Using the corner punch, punch the corners on the other longer panel of the strip. Punch a hole in the cenre of the corners and add a piece of ribbon.

4. Stick a piece of Double Sided tape just under each score line, so there should be 6 strips of tape,.

5. Cut a strip of white card 1.5cm x 9cm and stick with ds tape along the short edge(stick them edge to edge) of the front panel of the prepared strip of scored card so it overhangs both sides by 1.5cm each side.

6. mark a dot on the overhanging section on each side to make holes to put brads through later.

7. Cut 6 squares of white card 6 x 6 cm, and 6 squares of music paper 5.5cm x 5.5cm.  Stick music paper to white squares using ds tape or glue stick.

8. Stick chosen wedding stickers onto white card and cut out leaving a little border around them. decorate all 6 prepared panels with prepared stickers using foam pads or sticking on flat. Set aside.

9. Cut a panel of gold mirror card approximatley 10cm x 18cm. Centre the prepared waterfall strip over the gold panel and poke holes through the marked dots on the holding strip straight through the gold panel and then attach the two pieces together with brads.

10. Stick the whole panel to the front of the card using foam pads.

11. Starting with what will be the last prepared square with the wedding stickers on, peel off the backing from the first piece of the ds tape against the first score line and stick on the prepared panel with the top edge of the square up against the score line.

12. Repeat this with the other 5 squares until they are all stuck in place overlapping each other as in the picture.


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