A day at the Zoo!

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On Sunday my husband and I decided we needed some much needed time out and decided on a day at Chester Zoo. We originally going to go on my birthday in a few weeks, but I being like a big kid couldn’t wait

With much encouragement from our teenage sons to have a day out without them ( we haven’t been to the zoo without them in 20 years!) we set off. It took us less than an hour to get there, which is great, and it didn’ t rain much all day thankfully. At least because of the weather the place wasn’t packed.

It was such a pleasure to be able to walk around the gift shop without constant “mum can I have” every 2 minutes, and it only cost £2 at the ice cream stand instead of £10. We decided to become members so that for one payment we can go as many times as we want in a year, so we fully intend to go regularly.

They have a new butterfly house which is fantastic, I have never seen transparent butterflies before!

They have new Cheetahs, they are the main reason I wanted to go as they fascinate me, they are such graceful looking animals.

The elephant enclosure was as usual one of our faviourte sections as they are such an active family group. Two of them were playing in the pool constantly dunking each other.

Any way hope you like the pictures.




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