Calla Lily Wedding Invitation Card Project


I made this card by making a gatefold 5.5inch card with pearlescent white card.

Wrap ribbon around the card and fasten on the left or right side of the card depending on which side you want the fastening to be.

Make a topper by matting and layering  white pearl card onto silver card onto white pearl card again, then stick  over the ribbon only sticking the topper to one panel of the card so that it is central. The topper will hold the ribbon in place. you can also hold the ribbon in place on the back by fastening a punched heart over it .

Feather a piece of white mulberry paper around the edges by wetting with a damp paintbrush and tearing off the edges to give a soft feathery look as in picture.

Glue 2 calla lilies in place on to the topper and then stick a dufex wedding invitation topper over the lilies.

Add insert and then close by tying ribbon to one side of the topper.


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