Harlequin Rose Project

pinkrose2Products required

Harlequin Rose unmounted stamps

White A5  card

Smooth black card

Silver Mirror Card

Pink Card

Black stick on gems

Silver mesh ribbon

Black 3mm ribbon

Black Stazon ink pad

Silver ink pad

Glimmer mists in Starfish (jewel in the crown set) and Graphite (down the mine set)


1. Cut a piece of black card to approximatly the size of the large rose stamp with the harlequin background.

2. Shake the glimmer mist bottles until all of the pigment powder is completly mixed in and then spray the    black  card with the graphite mist and dry with your heat gun or allow to dry naturally. Then spray again for a more intense look and dry as before. Then spray with the starfish and dry and repeat as before.

3. Stamp the design in silver ink onto prepared black piece of card and allow to dry or set with heat gun. Mount onto a piece of silver mirror card just slightly larger than the black card. Set aside.

4. Stamp the design in black Stazon onto the pink card and onto the silver mirror card.

5. From the silver mirror card cut out the image around the diamond pattern, cutting away the scipt, and cutting around the swirl pattern at the bottom and side of the design.

6. From the pink card cut out the pink rose design, it is easier to use a craft knife around the stem and leaves as it is quite detailed.

7. Wrap silver mesh ribbon  around the left side on the front of the card and stick on the inside of the card. Then wrap the black ribbon round the silver ribbon and tie in a knot at near the top of the card. The ribbon on the inside can be covered with an insert later.

8. Stick the black prepared card onto the front of the card positioned as in the picture, then layer the silver layer on the top with foam pads or glue gel, and then finally layer the pink rose design on top with foam pads or glue gel.

9. Add 3 black crystals to the bottom right of the card.


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